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 Nan McCulloch has been working in the image making business for over 20 years. After graduating from Purdue University with a BA in photography and visual communications, Nan worked as a photographer shooting PR, photojournalism and portraits. As Nan sought work in more commercial venues she began styling. Working in commercial photography Nan learned all areas of styling and coordination: food, props, sets and wardrobe. This then led into work on feature films and commercials where she learned invaluable production skills.

The culinary arts were her most natural persuasion so Nan chose to focus her skills in the area of food styling. Nan is certified through the Atlanta Art Institute in basic cooking skills and baking/pastry and has obtained her culinary arts certificate through Clayton State University.
A wine enthusiast, Nan is involved with the Atlanta Wine School and has completed introduction to wine part 1 & 2 (www.atlantawineschool.com).
An avid cook and baker, her food not only looks scrumptious it tastes so as well. Organized, artistic and a team player Nan is excellent solo or to key any project. She is based in Georgia and travels to wherever the projects may take her.
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