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  food styling for film
Whether it be beauty, lifestyle or prop food for commercials, live TV or SMT's; Nan is is equipped to deliver on time with excellent results. She is able to pull together a high energy team dedicated to making things happen and fall into place.
  food styling for photography
  A smooth and successful shoot begins with good communication. Having all the key players assembled with a common vision and product knowledge is essential to effective execution. Whether it be in person or a conference call defining the aesthetic and technical parameters in a pre-pro meeting is protocol. Once this is established Nan has the ability to make your vision a reality.
  cooking demos and Satellite Media Tours
  One would never imagine the amount of preparation which goes into a 20 minute food demo. Yet there are recipes which are presented in every stage of preparation. Mis en place in varying phases, from basic raw ingredients to beautiful finished food. This is all part of the strategy to successful cooking demos. And don't forget the tastings for the audience.
  prop food for TV and photography
  Environmentally food has its place. It adds texture, color, warmth and a sense of human connectedness. Whether it be in a kitchen, on a grill or a dining room feast food associates itself with people even if they are not present. Which adds the human factor without the human. 
  culinary production assistance

A knowledge base of local vendors for produce, international foods, meats, kitchen supplies, caterers, etc... is a service Nan can provide. She has established accounts that are a phone call away. Need a kitchen and stage for a food shoot? Looking for a venue for a cooking demo? Nan can point you in the right direction. Nan has an extensive network of food stylists, assistants, chefs, kitchen prep, prop masters, set designers, hair, makeup, wardrobe, gaffers, grips, DP's, art directors, photographers, designers and artists to assemble a team perfect for your project and all your production needs.


  coming soon:
  teaching cooking classes
  writing, testing and developing recipes
   wine and food pairing parties




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